MALP Tutor’s Founder

MALP Tutors was founded by Clint Confait, an A-level Psychology teacher. Clint studied psychology at university and spent a couple of years working in sales before entering teaching within the SEN department. Clint soon realised that this line of work would be one where he would gain a great sense of purpose and satisfaction. Clint then enrolled onto a teacher training programme and gained his QTS before moving over to Windsor to accept his NQT role.

Recognising the need to support psychology students

Several years later and now an examiner and tutor in his spare time, Clint soon grew to appreciate further the difficulties and barriers that psychology students were encountering during their A-level course. Clint saw that Psychology being a new subject for many at A-level, alongside its heavy content was perhaps one of the main reasons why so many students, regardless of ability, were struggling.

Clint decided that a modern-day platform where students could gain extra information and support for their specification would be invaluable to their progress and future endeavours. MALP Tutors was created.

In time Clint decided to relinquish his role as head of social sciences to focus purely on MALP Tutors. He would later come to say that he missed many elements of classroom teaching but greatly appreciated the new-found freedom to engage learners from all walks of life across the country.

Fantastic results means growth by demand

MALP Tutors now enters its fourth year of providing excellent tutelage with fantastic results. It has grown in terms of resources and has a strong team of tutors on board. MALP’s one-day revision courses have also seen great success by the positive feedback and praise for parents and students alike.

There is something for everyone, if personal tuition is not something that is for you MALP offers videos, blog forums and other resources that can also be utilised to help an aspiring student reach their goals.



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