Clint Confait

  • Psychology Tutor

After taking a year out to focus purely on MALP Tutors® Clint has returned to managing the Psychology department on a part-time basis within the Private education sector. Clint now focuses his efforts on MALP Tutors® and being able to provide an establishment that provides excellent tutelage and revision courses whilst developing his teaching repertoire within the classroom.


£60 per hour


Bracknell and the surrounding area


£60 per hour


Clint offers a package rate of £50 per hour if 10 hours are paid for in advance. £70 per hour for weekend availability.


Clint has recently relinquished his role as head of the Social Sciences Department where he consistently  helped pupils achieve above target grades. Clint is now focusing his efforts on MALP Tutors® and being able to provide an establishment that provides excellent tutelage and revision courses. Clint has also taught English at Britain’s most established and prestigious summer school. Alongside many achievements he has managed Psychology departments of two schools simultaneously for a period of two years, working between private and state sector institutions. Clint is an examiner for two examination boards with 11 years experience in this specific field. Clint is an A level specialist with extensive knowledge of all examination boards, the topics within and the most essential element being, how to help students to excel and maximise their true potential. At school Clint’s department has been rated outstanding 5 years running. Ofsted has rated the quality of teaching to be outstanding (May 2013) with exceptional subject knowledge and delivery. Clint is a focused individual that relates well with pupils and believe that a little humour goes a long way. Clint uses a wide range of resources acknowledging the complex variety of learning styles. There are many ways to best engage students but creating a relaxing and calm atmosphere is paramount in easing the student into an optimal learning zone. Clint has over 11 years of tutoring experience and  has also tutored pupils with learning difficulties. Clint has helped pupils to cross learning barriers and achieve personal goals. Clint is happy to travel to most areas in or near to Bracknell depending on his availability.