Maximise their true potential

Tuition is perhaps one of the most powerful ways of helping a student to progress and thus maximise their true potential. Whether you have four or thirty people in your class, it is not so much the number, but the classroom dynamics that make it very difficult for a student to have their needs met in their day to day lessons.

Over the years of delivering tuition, our team have seen the rapid progress that students can make and are often amazed at some of the very basic errors they are making, especially when it takes as little as a minute or one sentence to correct. The truth is, with school systems nowadays (private or state) the timings to complete most specifications are so tight that teachers are just not able to give students that differentiation (that we so often hear about) on a regular basis. This means that the gaps in knowledge; their foundations, are not firm or strong enough which unfortunately results in poorer performance on longer essay based written pieces. With tuition, such needs are addressed quickly and effectively.

Outstanding quality of teaching and professionalism

Our team only comprise of outstanding practitioners who have been carefully vetted for quality of teaching and professionalism. The majority of our tutors have a minimum of 3 years examiner experience and are active teachers and/or heads of their departments. Alongside this, our team are passionate about student progress and determined to see and make positive change happen.

Personalised assessment and action plan

Tuition starts with a detailed assessment of where the student is currently, grade wise, and where they would like to be. A plan of action is drawn up and a detailed folder is kept for the student to monitor their work and progress over the duration of sessions. We often feedback to parents based on the agreement made at the start of the course and this can either be via email correspondence or a telephone conversation. The importance of working together with parents/ guardians of the child is paramount to their overall success and progress.

Current rates from our tutors

Our Tutor Rates vary from tutor to tutor and can be seen directly at the bottom of each of our tutor profiles. Some of our tutors are happy to offer package deals for a certain amount of sessions paid for in advance.

View our Tutors page to find the best match for you. Then send us a message and we will put you in touch.