Ensuring you get support where you need it

It may be that what we have on offer for our main courses doesn’t quite cover what you really want. It may be that a topic of interest you are really struggling with isn’t on our main agenda this year. Not a problem! Personalised courses have been a great asset of My A Level Psychology and many students have benefited greatly from this.

Cost-effective solutions for groups

If you are in a group of between 3-7 people, we can tailor a course specific to your needs. It really is as simple as piecing together all of the different areas that you and your group need help with. We will then work through this, tailor a price and prepare a course specific to your needs!

Delivered wherever suits you

Our dedicated team can either run courses in the comfort of your own home or deliver them from a suitable venue close to your location.

Popular revision courses with friends

Personalised courses have proven to be extremely popular. On evaluation, students have said they prefer such courses as it allowed them to create a revision day that worked best for them whilst working alongside their friends.


Our personalised courses range from 3 hours upwards, with each course tailored to your individual requirements. There is also the opportunity to run personalised courses over two or three days. Personalised courses start from £395. To get quote simply get in touch and see what we can do for you!